Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Meet Betty.

I've had my eye on Betty for a while. She has stood abandoned and forlorn in the corner on the studio kitchen since I arrived. Today, her previous owner had finally shed all responsibility for her. I seized my opportunity and rescued her!!
She was in a worse state than I'd imagined...... not just superficial fabric loss but internal falling apart!!!

I rose to the challenge and gathered my tools..... super sticky sticks anything glue and picture hanging wire (!) she was going to need some Heath Robinson mending. Her bust was repaired with said picture wire. 

Some glue has done the trick with the fabric, I'll tidy up all the edges once it's dry.

She still seemed a bit glum so I gave her a jubilee coloured corsage....and named her Betty as everything is all Jubilicious at the moment.

I like to say that I adjusted her dials to my size and those are my exact curves............ alas there is no dial that says 'adjust tummy to allow for having had 3 kids and eaten too much cake'. Maybe Betty will inspire me. She is a little rough around the edges but I'm sure Betty will be very happy in my studio. I might even finish the summer dress I started last year.


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