Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Meet Betty.

I've had my eye on Betty for a while. She has stood abandoned and forlorn in the corner on the studio kitchen since I arrived. Today, her previous owner had finally shed all responsibility for her. I seized my opportunity and rescued her!!
She was in a worse state than I'd imagined...... not just superficial fabric loss but internal falling apart!!!

I rose to the challenge and gathered my tools..... super sticky sticks anything glue and picture hanging wire (!) she was going to need some Heath Robinson mending. Her bust was repaired with said picture wire. 

Some glue has done the trick with the fabric, I'll tidy up all the edges once it's dry.

She still seemed a bit glum so I gave her a jubilee coloured corsage....and named her Betty as everything is all Jubilicious at the moment.

I like to say that I adjusted her dials to my size and those are my exact curves............ alas there is no dial that says 'adjust tummy to allow for having had 3 kids and eaten too much cake'. Maybe Betty will inspire me. She is a little rough around the edges but I'm sure Betty will be very happy in my studio. I might even finish the summer dress I started last year.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Open Studio

I’m opening my studio so that you can all come and have a peek....YAY!! From the 1st to the 17th June it is South East Open Studios and although I didn’t have my studio when it was sign up time, Anne in the studio downstairs is taking part and has very kindly let me jump on her bandwagon. So now you get to visit two very different studios in one building.

Let me tell you a little about Anne Wimsett

  She is an incredibly prolific artist working with paint, ceramics and textiles. Her work is full of texture, character, heart and soul. Anne is not a crowd pleaser and cannot be faulted for her unapologetic approach to her art. She creates art that is true to who she is and this is evident when you see a large body of her work, which you will when you visit her studio. Do take the time to visit her Aladdin’s cave of a studio; there are some gems in there. Take the time to have a good look.

These two paintings are also the views from my studio windows.

After visiting Anne pop upstairs and say Hi to me. J There isn’t quite as much to see but you will get a peek at where I hide out every day.

 You might also get a sneak peek at some of the big projects I’m working on at the moment. You can also find out about the workshops I am running from the studio. I will have a batch of ready made colour yourself soft dolls available to buy, perfect for keeping the kids occupied during half term. They can even use my fabric pens to create their little piece of art whilst you look around the studio.

I do hope you can pop along. Check my Facebook page nearer the time to see when I will be there. I will try to open most days at some point in between juggling kids, home etc.

Right better start tidying the studio.........................

Fat Hen And Flo Studio 3
11/15 The Old High Street,
Opposite Georges House Gallery

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Meet Franc & Stan

I thought it might be a nice idea to introduce Franc & Stan and tell you a little more about these quiet but colourful characters.
The two chaps have an intriguing back story. Franc is a retired circus lion tamer and champion disco dancer. He is reluctant to talk much about his lion taming days and I suspect there are many tales of love, won and lost, if only he would share his stories. Nobody is sure of Franc's exact age but it is suspected that he is considerably older than he looks thanks to Grecian 2000. Franc has an insatiable appetite for pork scratchings and now spends much of his time with his best mate Stan. 


Stan is an avid collector of jumpers (sweaters in the U.S). It is rumoured that he has nearly two thousand, some dating back to the 1930's. He has bequeathed the entire collection to the National Institute for Sweater and Tank Top Design in Stanton, Nebraska much to Francs relief!!! Stan is also a champion ping pong player and has travelled the globe to compete. It was on one competition tour that Franc and Stan first met. In 1991 in a soulless hotel bar, a long way from home in Chiba City, Japan, both buzzing from winning their respective heats, they sat chatting late into the night. They remain firm friends to this day.


Franc & Stan are available to buy as a kit to make yourself or as ready made softies and even as keyrings.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Franc and Stan. We'll meet some more Fat Hen And Flo folk soon.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Do more of what you LOVE.

The weekend is here and it's a long one,yay!!!! well it is in the UK anyway. And true to form the weather is fairly miserable. I however think it's a perfect excuse to cosy down and do lots of what I love, which this weekend is mostly this.

I'll also being doing plenty of this with friends and family......

Eat, Laugh, Love Kitchen Art Print with Utensils 8x10 Art Print in Your CUSTOM color scheme
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and eating a little of this.....

What ever you do this weekend, make sure you do more of what you LOVE.

By the way......have you seen the new items in my shop? A little bit of of London.

Available on Etsy and Folksy.

I'm off now to eat cake and drink tea........happy days.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What shall I write in my peacock blue square?

Today I found myself feeling a little flat and struggling to get going, the grey skies didn't help. I quite fancied snuggling up with a book and an endless cup of tea but that wasn't going to happen. I then couldn't find a pattern I was looking for that I'd had only a few days ago...grrrrrrr, so I decided to head out to pick up a coffee and get some fresh air. 
I don't really know how I came to be in Wilkinson's in the paint aisle..... looking at paint sample pots..... I am not thinking of decorating any time soon....... or why I felt compelled to buy a pot of Peacock Blue paint (complete with brush attached to lid for emergency painting moments). 
So with my paint in my bag I headed back to the studio, picking up much needed coffee on the way. Once in the studio I did this.

 I don't know why or what for but sometimes things just need to be done!!
I quite like it actually and I'm thinking I might add some text, perhaps an inspirational quote...........

What should I write in my Peacock Blue square? Answers on a postcard to ...... the comments box below will do fine. If any one suggests anything that I use I might even send you a little something from Fat Hen And Flo.