Sunday, 10 November 2013

Listening to the whispers.

I get distracted too easily.
I say yes too quickly.
I give too much.
I get excited by possibility.
I battle between heart and head.

2014 feels full of possibility and adventure.
I am stood at the crossroads.
Whichever path I choose, it will be great.
It will challenge and excite.
I must only choose one.
I am listening to the inner whispers.
It's difficult.
I need to decide.

My heart is calling me in two directions.
I feel torn.

Which way do I leap?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pockets of joy

Today I drank good coffee made by someone with a passion. It was good. It always is.

I made porridge.  I borrowed Kinfolk.

I wore red tights to brighten up the day.

I stitched some Flo feet and faces. I drew a bearded man with the machine.

I dropped a postcard to a friend.

The little moments in between all the hard work and necessaryness of life are where the joy is found. Acknowledge them. Savour them.