Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What shall I write in my peacock blue square?

Today I found myself feeling a little flat and struggling to get going, the grey skies didn't help. I quite fancied snuggling up with a book and an endless cup of tea but that wasn't going to happen. I then couldn't find a pattern I was looking for that I'd had only a few days ago...grrrrrrr, so I decided to head out to pick up a coffee and get some fresh air. 
I don't really know how I came to be in Wilkinson's in the paint aisle..... looking at paint sample pots..... I am not thinking of decorating any time soon....... or why I felt compelled to buy a pot of Peacock Blue paint (complete with brush attached to lid for emergency painting moments). 
So with my paint in my bag I headed back to the studio, picking up much needed coffee on the way. Once in the studio I did this.

 I don't know why or what for but sometimes things just need to be done!!
I quite like it actually and I'm thinking I might add some text, perhaps an inspirational quote...........

What should I write in my Peacock Blue square? Answers on a postcard to ...... the comments box below will do fine. If any one suggests anything that I use I might even send you a little something from Fat Hen And Flo.



  1. "just because I can" seems appropriate :) x

  2. Homage to the square?

  3. Think happy thoughts : )

  4. Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.
    (Thomas Szasz) Lyn x

  5. I love your peacock blue square! I have no idea what you should write in it though. I can't wait to see what you do write in it

    Kate x

  6. Thanks guys, I think I'll decide over the weekend and let you know on Monday. I'm having trouble deciding between two at the moment (some are on my FB page too) so I might have to paint another square and do both.

  7. Walking through the bluebell woods today your lovely blue square came to mind. I suddenly thought:

    Be healthy. Be happy. Be loved x


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