Thursday, 2 August 2012

That Summer Holiday Magic Moment

I know I should probably be blogging about the amazing show that I have just participated in with some incredible artists. But I'll save that for another day. Click on the image below to see more pictures.
Or I know you want to hear about my bootfair bargains and skip raiding haul but you'll have to wait for that too.
Because today I need to tell you about that summer holiday magic moment. Those of you with kids will know that these moments are rare and MUST  be acknowledged. Well, we had ours this morning (in fact it continues as I type). 
What is a SHMM you ask? It is that moment when everything in the universe is aligned and you are granted a small parcel of time when everyone is happy and content. Treasure these moments, you will get only a few over the six weeks of hols.

This is how mine unfolded today.
Child 1 has been doing a bit of under the bed clearing out -without being asked to!!!- whilst the cat plays with his toes. Child 2 has been busy building Tatooine out of Lego.

Child 3 is tidying her bedroom pit which I know in reality means clearing a small space to sit then becoming engrossed in her Bratz and Barbies whilst listening to her favourite 'Disco' cd.
I meanwhile have done two loads of laundry, the hoovering and the washing up so am happy  that the chore quota has been adequately filled for today so brunched on eggs on toast. I am undisturbed by arguing siblings! Nobody is bored or been thumped by another! They are positively delightful. Bliss.....if this happens to you -STOP-enjoy the moment, cherish it and hold on that vision of the wonderful summer holidays for the days when everyone is arguing and moaning and bored and you just want to disappear off somewhere and make something or read your book or do anything undisturbed!!

I know this will soon come to an end. Child 1 has joined child 2 at the Lego. A stop animation film is being made. Raised voices are drifting through in the battle for control. The word idiot is being brandished. Issues on how to write 'The End'....out of Lego or on paper.... It is sure to end in tears and probably with smashed Lego.

Never mind, I have savoured my Summer Holiday Magic Moment. I am restored, recharged and ready to face whatever is thrown at me. Make sure you savour yours too. 


Update. Result of child 1 and 2 Lego collaboration. 
Downloading stop animation software has made me the best Mum ever and bought some studio time this afternoon. YAY!!!!

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  1. I do remember those rare moments. My daughter is now 27yrs but we always had lots of people to play as she is an only child. When you look at them playing - cutting, gluing, glitter and creating at the big kitchen table while you prepare the picnic tea to be eaten on the rug on the carpet - all is right in your little world!!
    Lovely blog, just found it via facebook. jayne x


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