Tuesday, 10 May 2011

it's been a while

what happened to april? what with school holidays and the royal wedding i somehow lost a month. very little got done in the way of 'work' although i seemed to make lots of birthday presents and wedding party stuff. once that all died down and everyone finally returned to school/work i went into lastminute.com mode and began preparing stock for a craft fair. now that is all over and i finally feel i can breathe again but i am left with this.....

think i need  a studio tidying day.....i can see my sewing machine in there somewhere...maybe i'll venture in later today. part of the reason for this chaos is i had to take a table to the craft fair (what's the point of paying table hire when i have a perfectly good one myself)...the one that was piled full of stuff. and so said stuff was spread around the room at 9.30 on saturday to get the table out and loaded into the car with my stock for a 9.35 departure. i arrived at the fair and the organiser had laid out too many tables and said i could use one of those rather than him moving it and me getting mine out of the car!!!!!!!!! so anyway i arrive back home at 5.30 and dump table and stock wherever i can find space....and there it still lies. the other reason for the chaos if you haven't figured by now is that i'm really messy....

here are some pics of the fair, the first are taken by the lovely Ruben from Kraken Photography who i met on the day

my stall
some of the great stalls
clutch purse
a gaggle of flo dolls
lovely summery flower corsages. wear as a brooch or in your hair
some of this scrumptious stock will be added to the shop later...once i tidy the studio and am able to find it!!

time to get on now i suppose as i have sewing to do.....sample cushions for a local gift shop for thursday, 3 birthday gifts for parties the kids are going to this weekend, sofa covers for next week and my son wants his quilt made so that he can take it to cub camp (we've only been talking about it for 3 years) he obviously knows that mum needs a deadline....he goes on the 28th may.... better get cracking.......oh and tidy the studio first and update the shop.

the kettle is calling 
until next time


  1. Looks great - would love to know if you are ever over this way doing a fair I will come and see you.


  2. We should meet up some time for coffee. I have family in thanet so maybe we could arrange something to coincide with my next visit over that way.


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