Friday, 27 January 2012

i am a bad bad blogger

it has been way too long since my last blog post, i wonder how many 'our crafters' and 'hail Martha's' will be needed to atone this sin. well i start with showing just a couple of things i've been up to over the past few months.
firstly, i finally got round to a bit of screen printing, the sketches for these have floating about for sooo long i pleased they eventually made it.

my kitchen table set up works fine for now

the first print...beyond exciting
martha, mindy & maud
franc & stan

my word and picture placement may seem a bit random today but for some reason it is doing weird things and  through my  streaming eyes, dripping nose and fuzzy head it all seems too much to figure out. (that's why i've finally got around to blogging again...i am full of cold and have banished myself to the sofa, not good to sneeze all over the fabrics!)

some colourful keyrings

okay, what else. i added a new machine to collection. i have had a yearning for a hand cranked singer for a while.

but not this kind

look at this beauty, a christmas present to me....i mean the kids.  this is what they are learning to sew on.
boys love machines
even the bearded one couldn't resist having a go!
i am quitting whilst ahead! images have been flitting all over the place, words suddenly disappearing, it's all too much today. this is why i need to blog more, often so that i don't forget how it works in between visits!!
i hope to return very soon but i won't promise anything. hopefully next time it will be easier. off to say 50 our crafters and 25 hail martha's. 


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