Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday Folksy and WIPs

happy friday people. the weekend is almost here ..yay. before i go window shopping i thought i'd show you what's in my wip box this week as well as the quilts i'm working on at the moment. 

here is a box of lovely things waiting to be stuffed. some liberty fabric bunnies and birds plus vintage/vintage inspired  fabric ponies. a large bag of stuffing and my favourite stuffing tools await these little chaps. but they look so lovely lined up in their box it seems a shame to disturb them. these are destined for a craft fair at the beginning of may although i might put some on the shop too.

ponies, birds and bunnies

below is one of the vintage quilts from the states that i have been repairing and which was is destined for the craft fair however when i washed it a few days ago i fell in love with it. it is currently resting on the end of my bed. although it is an old quilt i don't think it had been washed before. it was badly stained and marked along the edges. a cool wash removed most of these easily, no need for secret recipe soaking. the beauty of washing quilts for me is the gorgeous puckering that happens between the stitches. i always wash my quilts as soon as i finish the final stitch of binding but not everyone does...i love seeing them drying on the line. 
this is a wholecloth quilt and the hundreds of hand stitches create the pattern. it is a beautiful quilt with hours and hours of work put in to my someone. i'm not sure i can part with it just yet.

and here is a strip lap quilt that is in the process of being handquilted. love the colours of this.

and here is the vintage feedsack pieces now pieced into blocks, just need to put them all together.

so i've got a few bits and pieces to keep me busy for a while.

now for shopping! i'll keep it short this week as i've rambled on enough and time is fast running out.

this week i have chosen a selection of gorgeous things that i would be delighted to open this sunday.
click on the image to take you to the folksy shop.

anything from pants and paper would be nice
Large image

just what i need to keep my lips soft
Large image

you can never have enough buttons especially when they are as beautiful as these
Large image

i need to create a path up to the chicken run via the washing line to stop me slipping in the mud in winter, i really love these sparkly stepping stones
Large image 

love these
Large image

any of those lovely things would be wonderful but i'm sure i'll get some gorgeous handmade pressies and most importantly lots of huge huggles. can't wait.
have a good weekend


  1. All so tempting. Thanks for featuring my purse.

    Sam x

  2. thank you for featuring my buttons, gorgeous quilts and fabrics, my second love after clay!

  3. Thank you for featuring Sweet Lips - my all natural beeswax honey and vanilla lip balm. I love your other choices too, particularly the quilts and buttons...gorgeous xx


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