Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Folksy

is it that time again! every week i promise myself that i will update my blog with something interesting in between my friday folksy window shopping excursions but yet again the week has whizzed by and i haven't managed it. i would like to say it is because of this lovely cliche.... so much to do; so little time.....but in reality it is much to do; too disorganised/easily distracted doing research on the interweb/chatting networking/ etc etc you get the idea. some of the posts i have in mind are these; quilts in progress plus new vintage quilts just arrived from the states. the story of flo. whats in my wip box(es). recent adventures with little ed. i will try my hardest to do one this week.
but for now there is some window shopping to do. I couldn't decide on a theme this week so i'm using a quote instead by the wonderful william morris.

"have nothing in your house that you do not know to useful, or believe to be beautiful"

i so wish i could live by this completely but some things are not so easy....such as the growing collection of decorative salt and pepper sets/china thimbles/i heart (insert holiday destination) eggcups that we keep receiving. i know these to be neither beautiful or useful! i can only break sooo many and did manage to 'lose' a whole box of these lovely items in the last house move....but still they keep coming. 

enough rambling, here is my selection for this week.
click on the images to link to the wonderful folksy shops

useful and beautiful

Large image

useful plus beautiful because it incorporates my love of old tins and all things green

Large image

so beautiful and with 50% from each sale going to help people in japan it is definitely useful.

Large image

beautiful and useful

Large image

too beautiful to put things in but useful as inspiration

Large image

once again useful and beautiful. mr morris knew what he was talking about....

Large image

just beautiful...been coveting this for a while

Large image

and i think i'll end with another quote by william morris

"the true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all details of daily life"



  1. Thank you for including my print!

  2. Lol, at least your honest with disorganisation. I so have nothing in my house that is not useful so I am in agreement with Mr Morris there....... gorgeous selection this week, I LOVE the bird bowl and I LOVE all Cassia's prints !! Nic ♥

  3. Thank you for featuring my tea towel, a lovely Folksy Friday!

  4. Thank you for including my chair!
    Loving your name, sounds like me and my sis..I'm Flo!
    Love your quilts too!
    Cindy x


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