Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Finished quilt commision

finally are months of work my latest quilt commission was finished in time for christmas which was just as well as it was the clients christmas present to herself. We had arranged to post it using royal mails special next day delivery on a day when she would be in to sign for it. unfortunately we had all that snow and the post office weren't guaranteeing any deliveries. i did have slight palpitations for a while that it wouldn't arrive in time or worse still that it would get lost!! it was insured but there is no way of replacing all the childrens clothes that it is made from.
i am happy to say that it did arrive the next day, i don't care what others say but i think we have an amazing postal system in this country. all my parcels arrived with the customers in time for christmas although some took a while to get there.

anyway this is the front of the finished quilt made entirely from my clients three childrens clothes, even the binding was her daughters dresses-she had a few from the same range. below is the reverse of the quilt which is made from embroideries of the childrens drawings as well as handprints and name and birth details.

this quilt truly is a memory quilt and was a joy to make. i hope they will be snuggling beneath it for years to come.

Here is a quote from the client

'I absolutely love it. So thrilled. Thank you. I shall treasure this forever. xxx'


  1. What a lovely bedroom! And the quilt of course :) x

  2. It was perfect, thanks for the loan of it Alice :-)

  3. More inspiration - what a divine piece.

  4. That is an amazing quilt, it looks lovely.

  5. The lucky recipient of this lovely quilt has just rediscovered the FH&F blog ... and is still finding new things that she loves about her Christmas quilt... thank you! x


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