Thursday, 7 March 2013

Art residency Cubist portrait

Today I had the privilege of working with four  year 6 students to make a piece of literacy inspired art.
The subject was a book that was studied as a class earlier in the year. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne is centered around two main characters, Bruno and Schmuel. Set against the backdrop of a concentration camp their is a certain bleakness. I felt it would be a good contrast to use Picassos cubist portrait as the inspiration for the portrait.
Wow, what a great choice! We started off,  after looking at Picassos work, by waking up the right side of our brains with some sketching of cubist body parts. We then cut out elements they everyone liked and started to place them onto the board. This is where the portrait started to come alive. As they began to add colour it was a joy to hear the children discussing how they were using colour - the emotions associated with certain colours- and how they could explore using colour freely once they realised that hair didn't have to be brown.
Here is their wonderful cubist portrait of Bruno and Schmuel.

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  1. What an excellent project; responding to a literature study and taking that and flying with it. The outcome speaks for itself. Inspiring teacher, inspired students.


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