Wednesday, 12 September 2012

So what do you do all day in the studio?

Some people might wonder what us creative folk get up to in our studios every day. Other creative folk wonder if everyone else is more being organised/productive/successful than they are. I thought I'd share with you the beginning of a typical day.

So what does Susan do in the studio?
First the kettle goes on to make that very important cup of tea.

I then fling open the window and put some music on.

If I have the laptop with me I switch it on to quickly say Hi to the world. A picture would be nice, I think to myself, of this beautiful sunny morning. People like pictures. So I find my camera and take a picture, or 3 or 4, of the sun pouring into the studio.

I then notice the sun catching all the lovely colours of my crayons and remembering a conversation yesterday with the lovely Caro from Predominantly Print I decide to take a close up for her.

Whilst taking that picture I notice a name on the crayon that I've not noticed before!! Macaroni and cheese!! How cool - although my macaroni and cheese doesn't look that colour!

It looks like this.

Anyway, I start to wonder what other interesting names the crayola crayons have that I haven't noticed. Best have a quick look through all 72 of them. The folks out there in the virtual world might be interested in this too, I'd better take a picture of my favourite ones. I can then blog about it because that'll be fascinating....... they are, my favourite names.

What are your favourite crayon names?

And suddenly it's 10 o'clock..... I then have a very slight panic remembering my loooong to do list. Best put the kettle on before I tackle that. 
Welcome to the world of the easily distracted.
This social media/networking/marketing malarky is an essential and tedious part of the business.
.....and I haven't even checked emails yet!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight.



  1. Hi Susan
    Thanks for lovely comments on my blog I'm pleased you found me so no I have found you .....and can follow your lovely adventures ......I look forward to seeing your work in the Primary school......I am just finishing off my mural now ready for its grand unveiling ....YIKES !!......have fun ...x

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to see the finished mural. I'll start blogging some school stuff as soon as I remember to take my camera in with me!!!


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