Thursday, 6 September 2012

Art residency, skipping and the joy of school stationery.

What a beautiful day it was today! The kids returned to school, the sun was shining and the windows were flung wide open at the studio. It was back to work and full steam ahead!!!
Next week I start my year as Artist in Residence at a local primary school. I'm super excited about working with the children - they are little sponges just waiting to take everything in. I popped in today for my induction and had a peek in the room I'll be using. I've got two walls to fill with whatever I want as well as an area in reception. Well I practically skipped to the studio once I was finished.......  so full of ideas in need of writing down!!

This what I was doing in my head. Thankfully I kept it there!

So this is how I spent my day. 

Messy table but GOOD messy.

Start of a sign. I love playing with maps and old annuals.

 Canvases a bit later in the day.

And then I got to look through a catalogue and order my supplies....... I was restrained (I have most of what I need from trawling skips, bootfairs and my recycling bin over the summer). But I know that some of you will appreciate the simple joy of a catalogue like this, I tried not to dribble on the pages as it has to be returned to the school.....don't want them thinking I'm weird or anything!!!! There is something seriously stroke-able about a new big class box of pencils........ go on, roll your fingers along the top and hear that sound......'s not weird!! I love school stationery. I must confess that I pick up all the yellow and black Steadtler HB pencils that kids drop on their way to school or in the playground. How can you not??!! My name is Susan and I am a pencil hoarder. Just need to get one of those school wind up pencil sharpeners.....oohhhh. Still not weird!! 

That's all for now folks, Ben & Jerry are calling and I'm starting to ramble.

Be back soon.


  1. Well hello!
    Just to say I have a brand new (to me) vintage shiny, red, old school pencil sharpener: hee hee.
    Now I want one of those electric ones...whrrrrr...on the lookout now!
    Bestest etc etc Daisy.

    Ps might blog about it soon! are you envious now?

    1. OOOH I am turning green just reading this. A blog post about pencil sharpeners...yes.


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