Monday, 2 December 2013

Finding my center once again

I have stacks of notenooks.
Loads.         Too many?
                                            I don't think so.
I scribble and write in them all the time.
         Random stuff,  ideas, plans, observations,  thoughts.

Whichever one is to hand or fits in my pocket.
                   For certain important projects I do have specific notebooks.

If I empty my head often there's room for new ideas to fly around.

          And then every now and then I'll find book I haven't seen in a while. More often than not there's a messsge I wrote to my future self, unknowingly at the time, of course.

                             Today I found this. I wrote it about a year ago.
                                                            Just what I need.
                Time to regain focus.
                                            I've wandered aimlessly for long enough.

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