Monday, 23 April 2012

Inspirational Vintage Book Bargains

Beautiful illustration on the inside cover of this 1972 'Toddlers Own' and just look at the price!

I just adore vintage children’s illustrated story books and over the past couple of years have gathered my own tiny collection. They are often found stacked on my desk when I’m working on new designs or just when I just feel like an afternoon of tea and books.... creative research, a legitimate work activity.....
What is it I love about these books? The colour, naive style, folk element, simplicity and I’m sure a handful of nostalgia needs to be thrown in. Also it’s this......

This would have been a major gift, not just an annual to bulk out the presents, thrown hastily in the trolley as it was on offer...  so cheap it can be sent to the charity shop in 3 months when it’s hardly been looked at!! This, I’m sure, would have been read from cover to cover and here it is 55 years later back on someone’s bookshelf.

Last week I struck lucky and found 4 fabulous books for just 50p each!!! OMG I here you cry....I know!!! I paid up and ran out the shop quickly before they realised their error. Inside my head I was skipping down the street. Not that they have any real monetary value but were I to stumble across them at a vintage fair say, I’d have paid handsomely I’m sure.  They range from 1957 to 1976 and are full of gorgeous stuff like this.

The 1957 Girl Annual has these beautiful colour prints in the the centre.

And OMG it even has a vintage toy sewing pattern, another love of mine that I'll share with you another time.

It's all about enjoying the simple pleasures in life and this little bundle of loveliness rounded off a great week perfectly for me.

What bargains make you want to skip down the street?



  1. Sorry, I accidently deleted the comments that people left. SOOOO sorry.

  2. i LOVE this post.
    my 70s annuals are a huge influence, and are some of my most treasured possessions. reading this though, looking at the illustrations in toddlers own, has made me oh so sad that i only kept my big girl annuals (bunty, judy, mandy) and gave away twinkle. :(


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