Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pin board

A trip to Hobbycraft last resulted in, among other things, the purchase of a large pin board to go above my desk. A rather dull looking cork board.
I had also come home with some gorgeous fabrics so decided to make the board more interesting. The theory being that if the board is covered in lovely fabric I'll want to see it and therefore de-clutter my pin board from time to time!!
So I cut the fabric to fit and stuck it on with book binders glue. ( just because that's what I had, I'm sure PVA will do just as well.) I then added a rim of red ribbon at the top for some zing.
And East of Indias lovely inspirational tape at the bottom.
Sit long talk much laugh often
What a wonderful mantra for life.
My work space feels light and fresh......although the board already has loads more pinned all over it. Oh well.


  1. That green fabric is so pretty that you've used to cover the board lucey xx

  2. It's lovely isn't it. It is Wildwood (forest) for free spirit. I have a thing about green.


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