Thursday, 22 October 2009

Friends and Bargains

But not bargain friends! I do believe you should pay well for good friends if you wish them to be of good quality and last more than one season ;-)
Friends...I had a wonderful morning yesterday with a very dear friend. The conversation spills out like an overflowing champagne glass. I come away feeling inspired. A delicious morning of tea, cake and art. Perfect.
The afternoon was more tea with a friend, no cake this time, ( I don't do this every day) and I'm inspired to have a major de-clutter! I feel inspired and that is what friends should be...inspirational.
They should lift your spirits, encourage and support. Friends like these are rare and should be treasured.

So...onto bargains.....
After visiting the library to borrow rather than buy a book on de-cluttering I had a little peak in the
nearby charity shop.
I got this fab dress for £2.50 and the shoes for £2.00.Wow. A pair of black tights and I've got an outfit for £4.50!
My 8 year old son saw the shoes in the hall and said " wow cool shoes mum". Say no more.

And what little girl can resist a red and white polka dot dress that does this! £1.50.

Happy shopping :-)

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